Sunday, August 24, 2014

Purchasing Litecoin ltc, bitcoin btc dogecoin doge through credit card

How to purchase Digital Currency through a Credit Card:

After righting that review on crypto-coinstrade, who currently support free 5 khash of scrypt mining for 10 days to all their new users and after the expiry of 10 days you get keep the coins earned. they stopped the promotion of giving the free 5khash for 10 days. The site is still excellent missing a few features like you cant edit or reset your password or change your email address or profile details in general. They are a small group but working well and getting out bugs as soon as they can. After this I realized that most people prefer using credit cards to purchase their btc or hashing power the biggest problem is that the only option I was able to find before was virwox which charges around 20 to 30 percent in conversions to btc. While that may have been the only option there is a new way. Please take note this setup will cost you around 7 to 8 percent.

First you need to register an account on Payeer there after you have to deposit funds. In order to this you must have a valid id card and credit card visa, master and need to take a picture of it and upload it to them. The procedure is quite simple:
1. Register Account
2. Login
3. Look for ADD link on top of the site and hit the link
4. Choose your currency and amount. Please take note that you need minimum $50 to transfer funds into cryptsy, or btc-e for this to work.
5. Add amount and hit ADD on the bottom.
6. The new page opens up just select the visa/master logo on the bottom of payment options. After you enter your credit card details you will be asked to verify your card once and this is a one time process for your credit card. This is where you need to take a picture of your credit card and your id card together and upload the file.( I did run into a problem where my file wouldnt attach so I hit the support button and told them the problem and they asked me to attach the image with the ticket on doing with I was approved within like 30 mins so they work really fast)
7. You need to transfer your funds here you will need to register with Perfect Money (for btc-e) or Ego Pay (for cryptsy).
8. Then on top of the page and look for the link send. Once you hit that you will get options for sending money to Perfect Money and/or Ego Pay.

To transfer funds into Payeer via credit card there is a 3% charge. 
Send funds to Perfect Money 4% charge.
Send funds to Ego Pay 3.9% charge.

Please take note that you have to verify yourself at cryptsy exchange to process fiat inorder to that you need to hit the verify link and submit your passport scan. Your selfie with passport. Bank account statement and credit picture and you holding your credit card picture to the cryptsy people. After doing this you can just add funds to your account and trade them for all the Digital Coins like BTC (bitcoin) LTC (Litecoin) Doge Drk (Dark Coin), 42 NMC(namecoin) to name a few. This is a very popular exchange while the process to pick digital currencies and popularly traded on. 

This is quite simple. After you register at btc-e simply hit finances on the top right hand corner and scroll down to usd and hit deposit you will get option for perfect money( please make sure you have already funded your perfect money account via payeer) there after select the amount of deposit and it will take you to perfect money page. After adding the amount of funds you should have them in usd. You can now trade them for BTC (bitcoin) LTC (Litecoin) Doge, NMC(namecoin) to name a few. This has all the popular coins plus you can also trade in other currencies.

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Please share this blog with your friends and family as much as you can. Also I will not be held responsible for any mishaps or losses you incur due to this process.

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